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Shakespeare, The Sonnets (256 pp.)

William Shakespeare rightfully holds the highest place in the pantheon of English authors, thanks to his immortal plays that also form an integral part of the history of world theatre. Perhaps lesser known, though, is the fact that the famous English bard is also considered the author of 154 sonnets whose topics deal with the passage of time; love; beauty and mortality. The first 126 of them are addressed to a man (often called “fair youth” in them) whose real identity continues to elude us. The same is also true of the person conventionally called “Dark Lady”; a woman identified as the person to whom the last 28 sonnets are addressed. The present, complete edition of these sonnets, accompanied by an illuminating editorial note that clarifies various issues surrounding them, offers the opportunity of a better acquaintance of these lesser known but equally significant works of a literary mastermind.

Pages 256
ISBN: 9782940603084